... leaders signed Edward Borrelli combine tradition and modernity for meticulous attention to detail that makes each product unique and inimitable...


sartorial elegance synonymous with exceptional fit

Making a tailored suit is to understand the personality and temperament of the wearer. Without neglecting the details that make each product unique and inimitable. The cut and screwed the shoulder "down" make the jacket lightweight and snug as a shirt. Unparalleled elegance. A perfect fit. But also a refined technique and a taste for the exquisitely beautiful. Elegance tailored means above all that. The processing consists of a traditional system that respects the traditional style of Italian tailoring. And it finds fulfillment in the skilful hands of master tailors.

The work is always done with the use of natural fibers and the best accessories. Every single operation is done by hand, from the placement of the fabric until the completion of the finishing touches. Here's the story that lies behind every outfit Borrelli. In a sign of elegance. The same elegance that is found in the bespoke shirts. The same attention to detail. The same story...


Each item is made exclusively by hand, following the dictates of the old school tailoring


The creation of a bespoke suit involves the precise stages of processing that follows the tailor scrupulously and accurately.

MEASUREMENTS: take the general measures of the client's body is the first step to be taken after establishing the model of dress and create the fabric to be used.
THE SEGANATA: the tailor, with the traditional chalk to trace freehand the pattern on the fabric of the dress.
CUTTING: Following the traces of plaster is cut very precisely and with high quality instruments.
THE BASTE AND TESTS: The fabrics are cut and basted together in order to create an accurate sketch of the dress, after which will follow a trial during which they will eventually make some changes to make the perfect head.
SEWING: after all the evidence the production is completed by sewing the dress that will be stretched and once tried for the last time, delivered to the customer.


Each dress is the result of 200 operations.

In Tailoring Borrelli, processing of the clothes is held still using traditional techniques. With the customer's measurements you create the custom pattern, which will serve as the basis for the subsequent fitting of clothes. If the customer does not change size, you can order new clothes, choosing only the tissue, avoiding times of tests and inspections. Our tailors cut the fabric and create the masculine soul of the jacket: the canvas, made from a mixture of horsehair, cotton and camel, which determines together, strength and softness. It is then evaluated the structural tension gown and finished the package with a meticulous attention to detail, linings and buttons.Details that make a unique tailor-made suit.


Our tailored shirt provides 8 basic steps by hand: BUTTON - SLOT - armholes - FOURTH SHOULDER - CHANNEL BEAM - NECK - MOUCHE - BEAM FINTONE

Among the details that give an advantage to the chief's hand stitching "chiseled" that characterizes the application of the neck and armhole shirts over the front embroidered. Among the fine details there is the "mouche", taffeta small triangle that joins the front and rear sections, and the "beam" that stops the fake sleeve. Slot, built to last, it must be flexible and strong. The skilful interweaving of the wires was born for this purpose by the skilled hands of the embroiderers who sew by hand even the real mother of pearl buttons stitched to "Houndstooth".


Need as many as 23 steps, from cutting to its completion, to create a truly tailored tie. It is the highest expression of our dexterity.

CUTTING MANUAL: according to tradition with templates, chalk, tape measure and scissors. All strictly 45 degrees, allows us to perfectly center the design. SEWING LINING OF THE HAND: this phase of tailoring is cured inch by inch, always using the same stitch width. Each tie is inspected with painstaking care to avoid any kind of defect.
TAPPING: This step ensures the perfect fit of the Interior silk and perfect centering. The front tip and the tail always require special care in order to create a perfect symmetry.
SEAM: after being tapped, the tie is closed by hand with delicate steps and the right length, ensuring the proper "lead" and the right elasticity.

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